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I'm Karla

An Entrepreneur, Light Worker, Health & Wellness Coach & soul-searching spirit. My own evolution is the energy that evolves others and flows through my work with love and light. Let me guide you into the best version of yourself!

How May I Help You?


Health and
Wellness Coach

Just about everyone has a vision of his or her ideal life. However, there might be situations in your life where you cannot seem to find your way.


Body, & Spirit

If you experience a true desire, any desire, now, then it is available, for you to have in your life experience, now. Anything that you can imagine already exists.



Family constellations provides us with deep understanding about the influence of your family ancestry on your problems and on your wellbeing.

Work With Me

People who want to feel better as a whole; probably people who like to take care of themselves and feel well.

People who are looking for personal issues but do not want to go to counselor, seeing a life coach is a more modern alternative.